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WTPS Chart Page

Last Updated on March 21st, 2005

# Artist Title Label
1 MATT POND PA Winter Songs Altitude
2 SCRITTI POLITTI Early Rough Trade
3 NORBERG, JAN Jan Made Sacred Spring Antenna Farm
4 WEDDING PRESENT, THE Take Fountain Manifesto
5 VARIOUS ARTISTS Until The Shaking Stops; A Salute To Jawbox Two Sheds
6 DIPLOMATS OF SOUND, THE Destination…Get Down! Estrus
7 DES ARK Loose Lips Sink Ships Bifocal Media
8 CLEAVERS, THE Television Mind Allright
9 ROCKET SCIENCE Eternal Holiday Modular
10 A GUN CALLED TENSION (Self Titled) Cold Crush
11 HEARTLESS BASTARDS Stairs And Elevators Fat Possum
12 HADEN, PETRA Petra Hayden Sings: The Who Sell Out Bar None
13 EVENS, THE (Self Titled) Dischord
14 STRANGE Things In Night Pidgeon Englsih
15 PEELS, THE (Self Titled) Dim Mak
16 OSLO (Self Titled) Majestic
17 MERCENARIES, THE Five Star Hotel Melted Vinyl
18 PIERS WHYTE (Self Titled) Ache
19 GUAPO Black Oni Ipecac
21 PAINT IT BLACK Paradise Jade Tree
22 BELLAFEA Family Tree Pidgeon Englsih
23 ISAACSON, GRAHAM Nine Days G-Bomb
24 HOOD Outside Closer Woo
25 VARIOUS ARTISTS Sunday Nights; The Songs of Junior Kimbrough Fat Possum
26 DI FRANCO, ANI Knuckle Down Righteous Babe
27 IDA Heart Like A River Polyvinyl
28 VARIOUS ARTISTS GSL Presents Golden Grouper, Volume 1 Gold Standard Laboratories
29 STRIKE ANYWHERE To Live In Discontent Jade Tree
30 WHITMORE, WILLIAM ELLIOT Ashes To Dust Southern