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UPDATE: Santa's Comin' Here Places Fifth in Tribune Holiday Song Contest

Thanks so much to all of you who took the time to vote for Santa's Comin' Here in the Chicago Tribune Christmas Song Contest. Merry Christmas, Everyone!,0,5460505.story


"Another You" by Jim Peterik and Dick Eastman
"Another You," a song Dick Eastman co-wrote with legendary songwriter, Jim Peterik of Survivor and Ides of March, was included on the CD, Sunstorm featuring Joe Lynn Turner, released in the fall of 2006. Joe Lynn Turner, a veteran of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, has one of the most distinctive voices in rock and roll and continues to perform worldwide. Joe will be touring Russia in February 2007. 
Sunstorm was released worldwide on Frontier Records to rave reviews from both critics and fans alike. To listen to the song, click on the album to the right, and scroll down to "Another You." To find out more about Joe Lynn Turner, go to


Heroes In Our Midst!
Dick Eastman has written and recorded, with Dave Leeds on bass and Ron Kaplan on drums, a new song entitled "Heroes In Our Midst," saluting our American servicemen and women. Since February 2006, we have been offering a free download of the song. We've received a great response, especially from those in the military and their families. Click on the American flag to the left to see how many websites have posted a link to our song. Thank you, American Military!!!!

interland.gif is the Site of the Month for May 2005!
This website,, was designated the Site of the Month by Interland, now


Television Mind on the Radio in Milwaukee!
Television Mind charted to #8 the week of March 21, 2005 on WTPS 99.9 FM radio in Milwaukee. Click on the picture to the right to see the TOP 30 chart listing. Also check out their website, for the amazing history of this independent community radio station!


Kevin Mathew's Review of Television Mind at
"Going Underground Dec. 04":
"Shining pop-rock - the '70s kind. That's what the Cleavers deliver, and in spades. Not only that, but the pristine production and sophisticated arrangements (including brash horns) contribute to distinguish Television Mind as an intelligent album that demands more from its listener than your standard three-chord new school punk. Echoes of Todd Rundgren, 10cc, Wings, Queen and Styx abound on this classy effort."


The Cleavers in Mix Magazine
December '04 Issue
"True Remote Recording Via the Web"
Mix Magazine did a story on how The Cleavers recorded Television Mind via remote recording on the web. To read the story online, click on the link at the logo. Also, check out other interesting stories at

Television Mind Listed in the Grammy Awards Guide
Television Mind by The Cleavers is listed in the September 2004 Issue of the Grammy Awards Guide under the Allright! Records label. This guide lists CDs which are available to Recording Academy members so they can hear and evaluate a wide range of current releases to be considered for each year's Grammy Award. 

The Cryan' Shames Newsletter

Click on the link above to read "News from Ron Kaplan" in the Spring/Summer 2004 Cryan' Shames Online Newsletter. There is also a link to a interview with Ron about his joining the original Cryan' Shames in 1969. For more info, check out

Television Mind Played on WXRT in Chicago
"A Little Success" from Television Mind was featured on June 27th on WXRT 93.1FM's Sunday night show, Local Anesthetic.  Chicago music guru Richard Milne hosts this weekly look at the Windy City's top musicians and the music they're making and he exclaimed "dig it!" after playing this selection by The Cleavers. Check out

WXRT's Richard Milne plays the song

Television Mind Recommended by Kool Kat Musik
"Led by industry vet Dick Eastman (including Ron Kaplan of the legendary Cryan' Shames!), ... leave it to the Cleavers for 11 slices of pure, simple, uncluttered catchy-ness! Excellent!!!" Check out and click "On-line Pop Catalog Store" to download or request a catalog.

Television Mind on Aiiradio, Essex, England

"Jungle of Love" from Television Mind was #2 on Aiiradio's Top 30 Chart during the first two weeks of July! Check out

Television Mind Recommended by Not Lame Records

"This is a home-grown collection of pop in the vein of the Squeeze, Crowded House, later-day Beatles, Al Stewart and Steely Dan. With an eclectic array of influences, The Cleavers combine solid playing with hefty hooks, humor, folksy instrumentation and harmonies. The songs are consistently enjoyable and carefully crafted and beg to be captured in a full-blown studio (ala Steely Dan, come to think of it). The Cleavers create briskly MOR-ish melodic soundscapes and richly painted lyrics and hint to very good things to come from this debut. Recommended." Check out 

Brad Loper / DMN

Making tracks 1,000 miles away

Using computer, drummer records with distant band

June 3, 2004


Ron Kaplan thanked members of an Internet message board in the liner notes of his band's new album. Without them, the Dallas drummer would have had trouble putting out a record with bandmates who live 1,000 miles away ...

Click on Ron's photo to read the rest of the article ...