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Thanks to everyone for their comments and links!!!
Comments/Links to Heroes in Our Midst

December 15, 2006: Hilemanhouse at The Voice Blog linked to "Heroes In Our Midst."

Posted July 16, 2006: "In case you haven't heard this song ("Heroes In Our Midst") yet, take some of your free time to do it please."

Posted Independence Day, July 4th, 2006: "Heroes In Our Midst" was awarded an Honorable Mention in the United We Roll World Tour Radio Show Song Contest 2006 by Janet Fisher of Goodnight Kiss Music. Check out her page for other winners:

Letter dated May 21, 2006: "Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful song with us and for the copies for my sons. I so appreciate it. It is important to raise student awareness of military service and sacrifice. It is too easy for students to go unaware of the history involved. Thank you again for your kind thoughfulness. We are playing the song at our school to help students remember that Memorial Day is much, much more than a long weekend. We really like the song!" Deborah Surroz-Miller, librarian at Antioch High School, Antioch, Illinois, who is the proud mother of two sons in the military!

Email received 04-28-06: "Thank you!  I was thrilled to receive this and have already shared it with the military on-line radio station I listen to, as well as my numerous groups/organizations. This will be a fantastic addition to the Tribute DVD currently in the works for my son's Marine Unit just returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom. I don't know how you found our support group, but we thank you for your work and your willingness to share with the families who wait and pray." Semper Family, Laura, Proud Marine Mom of LCpl Derek 3/1

Posted April 2006: A free download of "Heroes In Our Midst" is available on the Internet Archive, a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form, providing free access to researchers, historians, scholars and the general public.

Posted April 2006: "Music Playing: Heroes In Our Midst: I am playing this in honor of the heroes of 3/7. Many thanks to Dick Eastman who wrote the words and music to this beautiful song. Its a free download from Allright Records. Click on the song name to download it for your favorite soldier - FREE!" Daily Life of a Marine Mom

Posted April 1, 2006: "This link was sent to me by Dick Eastman. Thank you Dick for letting me know about this song, and for sharing this link with me and making it available to be shared with everyone!" proud fan

Posted March 31, 2006: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has a program that welcomes American servicemen and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan for much needed R&R. They have posted a link to "Heroes In Our Midst" on their Heroes Testimonials webpage. 

Posted March 31, 2006: Dick sent the link to "Heroes In Our Midst" and a note of appreciation to the website of support for Cpl. Brian R. Johnston who was wounded in Iraq. Please check out Brian's story and think about sending a note of thanks.

Posted March 28, 2006:The website, America Supports You, posted a link to "Heroes In Our Midst" under Musical Tributes. Check out the link below as well as the rest of the site to see what you can do to support the troops.

Email received March 18, 2006: From Sgt. Tim Boggs, stationed in Iraq: "Dick, Thanks for the email and for the song. A friend of mine actually sent me the link to your song several weeks ago so it has been traveling pretty fast. I really do appreciate the sentiment and I know the other guys here do as well. One of the great things about both of my deployments is the support I have gotten from back home. I know a lot of attention in the media is given to the anti-war crowd but the soldiers in theater definitely see the other side a whole heck of a lot more. We have so much support it is ridiculous and there are so many people who want to do things for us that I feel embarrassed a lot of the time.
  Thanks again for the email, I love hearing from people who have found me via my blog or an interview that I have done.
  Take care, Tim Boggs"

Posted March 18, 2006: A link to "Heroes In Our Midst" was posted by Jack's Dad on the Bulletin Board at the Navy family support website, Check out the link below which also includes comments from others who listened to the song.

Posted March 16, 2006: Dick sent a letter to the News Sun regarding Yellow Ribbon Week offering free downloads of "Heroes In Our Midst" to its readers.

Posted March 13, 2006: "Heroes In Our Midst - It ain't country, but I got a hunch that JB might be humming along to this little ditty." Chad the Elder

Posted March 5, 2006: "- Also check out the free song AubreyJ showed us the link to at Heroes In Our Midst - Words and Music by Dick Eastman -" prying1

Posted March 5, 2006: "Thanks to our American Military Forces - Words and Music by Dick Eastman well worth clicking out - Heroes In Our Midst - God Bless each and every one of them ... (hat tip to Sgt. Hook)" AubreyJ

Posted March 5, 2006: "I received an email from singer/songerwriter Dick Eastman earlier today with a link to his website spotlighting his latest song, Heroes In Our Midst. I uploaded the song here for your listening pleasure, however, I'm somewhat limited on bandwidth so if it doesn't play I apologize. You can also hear the song at Dick Eastman's site. Either way, you need to hear it." Sgt. Hook

Posted February 18, 2006: Small Small Veteran posted a link to "Heroes In Our Midst" webpage at

Posted February 17, 2006: Bill Faith posted the lyrics and link to "Heroes In Our Midst."

Posted February 12, 2006: "Heroes In Our Midst" webpage linked at

Posted February 8, 2006: "Every once in a while, I take a chance on a piece of spam. I got this one recently: 'Here's a musical tribute to the courageous men and women of the American Military:'
OK, the topic intrigued me, and their weren't any typos or grammatical errors, so what the heck. Turns out to be the first non-country patriotic song I've ever heard. Pleasant, catchy, upbeat, cheerful and full of genuine admiration for those who serve. Musically, the clean, simple melody reminds me a little of Barenaked Ladies, except that it doesn't suck.
Anyway, Dick Eastman is mostly a songwriter by trade, but he picks up a guitar and sings, too, for this one. MP3 is free to download and the site encourages you to burn and share. Go check it out." Harvey

Posted February 5, 2006: "Honoring our heroes - The author of a new song has asked me to let my readers know about it. After listening to the song and reading the lyrics, I highly recommend that you do the same. You can find the song here. If you, like me, enjoyed the song and its meaning, send the link to your friends." Antimedia

Posted February 3, 2006: "Something for the Soul: Vocally, he's not on a par with Lee Greenwood doing God Bless the USA, but as far as the sentiment goes, Dick Eastman's right up there with the best.." cw4(ret)billt

Posted February 2, 2006: "Heroes In Our Midst" webpage linked at